e7 Technologies also supplies high-end audio-visual and IT solutions for conferences, congresses and business events for a wide range of industries and clients for more than 20 years.

Our team has all the necessary expertise to work with PCO’s, project teams and individual. Our team can customised audiovisual solutions for any size of event and customised IT solutions to manage crowds up to ten thousand!

Slide Management System

Presentations are a vital element of the marketing mix, they are created for a single meeting with vital knowledge embedded within the slides. e7 Technologies has developed our own inhouse slide management system which is extremely useful when there are more than 100 presentations by different speakers in different rooms.

With this system, helpers DO NOT need to manually find the date/venue/time of the speaker’s presentation, rename or save the speaker’s file manually into respective folder:

  • Accurate and Fast handling Customized portal used onsite
  • Automatic file rename, upload and distribution system
  • Easily handle over 500 presentations in a event
  • Automatic checking Missing Video in PowerPoint and Hidden slide.
  • Able to update and sync the powerpoint slides and manage content across different rooms.

Below are some of the international events we have successfully supported in last few months:

ADS 2023

2 concurrent sessions,

500 delegates,

over 50 speakers,


APIC 2023

2 locations,

400 delegates,

over 80 speakers

CEPSI 2018

18 concurrent sessions,

1500 delegates,

over 400 speakers

ATBC 2018

10 concurrent sessions,

700 delegates,

over 500 presenters

APVRS 2017

4 concurrent sessions,

900 delegates,

100 speakers

WEEF 2017

5 concurrent sessions,

600 delegates,

150 speakers


9 concurrent sessions,

1000 delegates,

400 speakers


6 concurrent sessions,

700 delegates,

200 speakers