e7 tech3D glass event

The three-dimensional (3D) revolution has shaken the way we watch blockbuster movies, video games, TV and other media for the recent years.

Basically, for us to experience the vivid three-dimensional (3D) from a 3D media, each eye must see slightly different information. Ideally, the right eye doesn’t see any of the information meant for the left eye, and vice versa as this will enhances the illusion of depth perception and a 3D image is formed when the brain processes different pictures from each eye. 

Due to the reign and popularity of 3D media, e7 Technologies Pte Ltd had developed our own 3D projection system. We have provided service all over Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea with the following:

    • Our Customized active glasses  (always sync, and never auto power off)
    • Customized 2D 3D mixed real time convertor
    • Active solution: DLP, Infrared System
e7tech customized active glasses

e7Tech customized active glasses